#BringBackOurGirls is NOT a Current Event.

"We Are That Family" is a blog I read EVERY day. Something about the writing strikes a chord in my soul EVERY single day. The parenting, the ministry, the #yesinmymess mentality. I love it.

Today, though, was the most remarkable blog post. Please please please take the time to read it.

The Difference Between Their Daughters and Mine

I don't have daughters, but this situation in Nigeria has truly brought to light for me a resounding problem.I HAVE been posting #BringBackOurGirls everywhere and anywhere I could. But my heart knew there was more...

Kidnapped, abused and misused girls in third world countries is NOT a current event. It is real, it is every day, and it is not going to go stop until the whole world stands up for them.

Yes, I wrote a letter to my Senator, because I didn't know what else to do. But today, We Are That Family, reminded me that I need to pray. I don't know how I missed that, but it is exactly what I need to do.

 Will you pray with me?

“God, we humbly seek your face and lift up the girls and women in our world who suffer in bondage and fear violence. We ask that you would set these captives free. We pray they would feel your strong arm of love in the midst of their suffering. Please give me the courage to stand against oppression. Bring back our girls. Amen.” (Reposted from We Are That Family.)


Bible Study Fellowship Share Night 2014

Every year, BSF's final night of gathering is about sharing how the study has affected you. I love to listen to wormen's stories! They get healed, they get inspired, they get reformed, they get Jesus.

I had something I wanted to share. There were plenty of opportunities to segue into my story for the year. There were plenty of times my heart was pounding so loud in my chest, I thought for sure my neighbor heard it. But I just couldn't get in front of that crowd of strangers, stand in for of the mic, and NOT cry. So I didn't.

I should have. When it was all over, and was driving home in my Mini Cooper, I felt so disappointed.

The whole way home, and even the next day, and even today, I know that I missed out on an opportunity to glorify God. Oh, He was glorified. But not by me.

Like the disciples in Gethsemane who slept rather than prayed, my silence robbed me of the opportunity to strengthen others and glorify God.


Let It Be

I read a blog post this morning by Oriah called “Let It Go.” One particular sentence stood out amongst all the others:

“I have found the inner directive to "let it be" somewhat more fruitful in helping me loosen a desperate grasp and rest in what is.”

After that sentence, her blog post went in a different direction than what I was hoping for – she went back to using “let it go.”

“Let it be,” however, seemed VERY insightful and almost perfect.

“Let it be,” releases judgment, releases opinion and allows God to control it. It allows me to ride the waves of whatever the situation is. 

“Let it go,” to me, means I have to forget about it, and I just can’t do that. I care too much (yes, about everything).

I can, however, “let it be” what it is and allow God’s plan to play out.

The Beatles, apparently, had this figured out decades ago!