Let It Be

I read a blog post this morning by Oriah called “Let It Go.” One particular sentence stood out amongst all the others:

“I have found the inner directive to "let it be" somewhat more fruitful in helping me loosen a desperate grasp and rest in what is.”

After that sentence, her blog post went in a different direction than what I was hoping for – she went back to using “let it go.”

“Let it be,” however, seemed VERY insightful and almost perfect.

“Let it be,” releases judgment, releases opinion and allows God to control it. It allows me to ride the waves of whatever the situation is. 

“Let it go,” to me, means I have to forget about it, and I just can’t do that. I care too much (yes, about everything).

I can, however, “let it be” what it is and allow God’s plan to play out.

The Beatles, apparently, had this figured out decades ago!


  1. Now I understand your point yesterday. And I can really relate to caring too much - about everything. I do too. And sometimes I wish I didn't. : )

  2. How then does the obedience of forgiveness fit in to letting something be what it is?