Matthew 26

Matthew 26 and its multi-layered depth and beauty has truly awakened my soul.

So much happens.

Each happening means something.

All the lessons are significant.

Every verse is so rich with meaning and purpose and guidance and love.

As Easter approaches, I pray that I would spend it all on Jesus like Mary.

As Easter approaches, I pray that truth would always turn me toward Jesus, unlike Judas.

As Easter approaches, I pray that I would know that whenever I rely on my own strength, I am even more weak than Peter.

I pray fervently that God would use me in ways that I do not even know I am being used. That He would use me in ways that have a positive eternal significance.

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Waiting Becomes Living

In church this morning, I heard this line:

"When the evening comes, please find me singing."

In BSF this past week, we talked about Matthew 25, and the lecturer said, "While we wait for Lord's return, waiting becomes another word for living."

So why not be singing His praises while I wait/live?!

Sing out, my songbirds! Sing out in joy for all He has done, continues to do and will do! Sing out! So when the evening comes of his return, He will find you singing!
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