Creamer Addiction Solved with a Mini Cooper‏

I wanted to break my addiction to creamer, so God gave me my most favorite car.

I tried a few things on my own (very nonchalantly.) One day I tried abstaining all together, one day I tried a creamer I didn't like, one month I tried homemade creamer. I never prayed about, I never even really worried about it. I figured it would just work itself out.

And boy did it!

A couple weeks ago, God gave me my most favorite car, a Mini Cooper!

One thing I didn't know about an itty bitty European car is that the cup holders are itty bitty. And in this particular itty bitty car, the cup holders are under all my controls, so I needed a small footprint AND a short cup.

Needless to say, I didn't own a cup that matched those particular measurements. I'm an American. We like super-sized cups filled to the brim. I like mine with some coffee and a LOT of hazelnut creamer. ('Blond' doesn't even begin to describe how much creamer I like.)

So, I kept trying to use my 20 oz Old Glory Starbucks cup that I have had for over a decade. I tried holding it, but holding a cup with a manual transmission in stop-and-go traffic just doesn't work. My husband tried giving me a smaller cup, about 16 oz, but that didn't help. It actually made it worse, because it was too small to hold itself up between the emergency brake and passenger seat.

I kept trying and trying. I kept growling every time I realized my coffee was spilling all over the carpet and the seat and the e-brake boot. I kept telling my husband I wasn't going to take any more drinks into the car.

And then, God gave me the perfect solution to help me with my creamer addiction. The most adorable itty bitty 8 ounce cup that fits perfectly in my itty bitty cup holder. (And only holds about a teaspoon of creamer.)

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