Mysterious Ways

I told you recently that God broke my creamer addiction by giving me my most favorite car.

Well I have another mysterious mystery sentence for you - I started an exercise program, and so now I'm moving.

Tee Major said he would change my life, and boy did he ever!

My husband loves bodyweight exercises. His commanding officer asked if he had ever heard off Tee Major. He showed me some YouTube videos one night at home. In one of said videos, Tee Major said, "Give me 90 days and I will change your life."

I was moved, honestly (pun intended). Something about the timing, the simplicity, the military, the excitement...There has been a brick wall between exercise and me my whole life. And something in Tee Major's videos made it seem like I was finally ready to scale that wall, stand on top of it and rappel down the other side.

So, we got the videos and the books and we dove in! My husband was SUPER excited because I was excited. Our kids love physical activity. We were all winning! And in 90 days I was going to be able to do a pull-up! I even got a tweet from TeeMajor himself encouraging me!

The first day of the program, you are to just do the warm-up exercises. It's a bunch of random exercises like running sprints, but sometimes you are skipping sideways and sometimes you are doing high knees. Whatever. Physically exhausting, but fun and easy.

We chose to do these exercises in the parking lot next to our home. The parking lot next to our home is for a "church" that only our landlords attend. Not thinking anything of it, we used the church parking lot to run these sprints, because it was paved and flat - unlike any piece of land in our yard. Unfortunately, when our landlords arrived at the church that evening and saw us doing the exercises, they did not "think nothing of it." They marched right up to us and gave us the what-for.

I quickly told them that I was sorry I had offended them by doing exercises in their parking lot and took the children inside the house. My husband tried discussing the matter with them, but communication fell apart.

We received a letter in the mail two days later letting us know that they were gravely offended that we had desecrated their church and that we were to vacate within the month.

And so you have it. I started an exercise program and so now I'm moving.

The Lord, in all His glory, sure works in mysterious ways!

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