Overview of John

1:1 - 1:18 Prologue (to be discussed in next post)
1:19 - 4:54 Revelation of Faith
5:1 - 12:50 Development of Faith or Rejection
13:1 - 17:26 Maturing Faith of Disciples
18:1 - 21:25 Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The book of John is not an exhaustive biography of Jesus Christ. John chooses signs that will guide the reader to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the Messiah, the "Anointed One," that fulfills all prophecy of the Old Testament, all symbolism of the ceremonies, and the teachings of the Prophets. John's purpose for his book can be found in John 20:31: to believe is to have eternal life. What is your purpose in reading the Bible?

Revelation of Jesus Christ to the World (1:19 - 12:50)
1:19-4:54 Tells of the ministry of John the Baptist
John 2 shows the first rejection of Jesus Christ. By chapter 5, the rejection by the Pharisees has grown to an intense, blatant hatred for Jesus.

John 5 - 12 has the progression of the faith or rejection that is a direct result of the revelation of Jesus Christ. We will read about the progression of the unbelief in the majority and simultaneously, the progression of belief in the minority. We will see how low the unbelievers go to devalue Christ and how high the believers go to proclaim His glory.

Revelation of Jesus Christ to His Disciples (13 - 17:26)
John 13 - 17:26 is a special time between Jesus and His disciples. In John 13, he washes their feet to teach them that the greatest among them is a servant. In 14 - 16, He speaks frankly with them, answers their questions about the future, and tries to prepare them for the coming Holy Spirit.

John 17 concludes with Jesus' prayer for his disciples.

Crucifixion and Resurrection
The crucifixion is the culmination of the darkness throughout the book.

The resurrection is the celebration of Light throughout the book.

John 20:30-31 is the main purpose of the Book of John.
Fact: Jesus Christ is the Son of God
Our Response: Belief
Result: Eternal Life

John 21 shows us the responses of the follwers, their following of Christ, their actions.

Through the study of the Book of John, I pray that Jesus Christ will become as real to you as your right hand.

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